Improving Access to Heart Transplants for ALL Patients

Healing Hearts, One Gift at a Time

Our Mission

At The Equity in Heart Transplant Project, our mission is to empower patients with heart failure by eliminating financial barriers and making life-saving heart transplants accessible.


Financial Hurdles

High out-of-pocket costs make heart transplants unattainable for many patients.

Social Inequities

Social determinants of health play a significant role in determining transplant candidacy.

Emotional Strain

Dealing with heart failure plus financial stress causes immense anxiety and affects recovery.

How We Help:

Financial Aid

We provide monetary support to assist patients with heart failure with transplant-related expenses such as insurance deductibles, medication co-payments, housing, utilities, and transportation.

How we help:


We actively champion for equitable access to heart transplants, promoting a healthcare environment where everyone, regardless of their socio-economic status, has an equal opportunity for a life-saving transplant.

How You Can Help



Your donation goes towards financial assistance for patients with end-stage heart failure who need a heart transplant.


Spread the Word

Raise awareness in your community about the financial barriers in heart transplantation.


Impact a Life

Your contribution directly empowers a patient, granting them access to a life-saving transplant.

Our Team

Meet our passionate team at The Equity in Heart Transplant Project, a group of dedicated medical professionals and advocates led by Dr. Nasrien Ibrahim. We’re united by our mission to make heart transplants accessible, regardless of financial hurdles. Each member of our team contributes their expertise and energy to bridge the financial gaps for patients needing heart transplants. Together, we strive to create a world where everyone eligible for a heart transplant can receive one without worry of the financial cost.

Although we all aim to change the world, it starts with the little steps- the quality-of-life enhancements that we make for just one person, and how we make their life just a little bit better.”

Lovely Dhillion, Social Impact Activist


“When our family was facing the daunting challenge of covering the cost for my heart transplant, we were overwhelmed... The generosity of The Equity in Heart Transplant Project not only helped us with practical expenses but also touched our hearts in a profound way. The support we received from The Equity in Heart Transplant Project brought us hope and comfort during this trying time."

TEHTP grant recipient

"My heart is stronger than it has been in over 20 years. I did not plan to be in the hospital until December. And I did not know I would need to recover at home for this long… I sincerely thank you for helping during that period of my life and making it a little less stressful.”

TEHTP grant recipient

“The Equity in Heart Transplant Project fills a tremendous unmet need to help support patients across the US with financial barriers to heart transplantation. The focus on equity and support for persons from diverse backgrounds helps position the resources to best serve those who need them most.”

Robert J. Mentz, MD

“Many patients with advanced heart failure face barriers when it comes to access to transplantation... The Equity in Heart Transplant Project aims to provide not only financial assistance but also education in the community regarding transplantation so that patients can be their own advocates. For these reasons, I jumped at the opportunity to be a part of the vision and goals of this organization.”

Ersilia M. DeFilippis, MD

“We are unapologetic about our commitment to bend the arc of our transplant community towards equity and justice. We deeply believe that we are all one, and the gift of life should have no barriers, we all deserve this life!!!”

Johanna P. Contreras, MD